open source now

A software is written with source code. but with a open source software, the code is protected by a special license that ensures that everyone has access to that code. That means no one company can fully own it.General public/developers can see it,use it,review it and of course can enhance it.

open source code brings millions of minds working for a particular project which surely will be fast ,reliable and bugs are more quickly found and fixed.
And when customers don’t like how one product is serving them, they can choose another without overhauling their infrastructure.

Gone are those days when a company used to prefer Properitory softwares because of the kind of support they provide,of course for a huge Price.
But today open Source industry is more strenghtened ,streamlined and focussed in terms of both technology and serving customer needs.

These are the few opensource products which already have taken market by strom in their respective fields.

Web Servers – tomcat
Application servers – jboss, jonas ,Zope ,RHAPS etc.

Portal Servers –LifeRay , exo, Jboss, MetaDot etc

CMS – opencms ,zope ,postnuke etc

Operating system –RedHat Enterprise Linux.

IDE’s – Eclipse ,NetBeans

and the list goes on…

That means: No more arbitrary pricing. No more technology lock-in. No more monopolies.

Imagine if all of this past knowledge was kept hidden or its use was restricted to only those who are willing to pay for it then……

In the same way shared knowledge propels the whole of society forward, open technology development can drive innovation for an entire industry.

— With all my love to Open source Community

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