Dated August-9-05

Novell is to move its SuSE Linux Professional
to a community-driven development process with a project called OpenSuse.
The move follows the strategy of RedHat’s Fedora.
Novell will still distribute its SuSE Linux Enterprise Server under its current
go-to-market strategy, again mirroring RedHat’s strategy. Novell says that unlike RedHat’s Fedora, which it believes is technically focussed, SuSE Linux will be focussed on non-technical end-users. Novell currently trails market leader RedHat for market share in the commercial Linux distribution space.

A panel of high-profile industry players weighed on whether the world will ultimately turn to open source as a means for solving its software needs, with
the overriding view being “yes.”

In the next five to 10 years, the open-source movement will transform the software business, according to several top industry executives speaking at the AO 2005 Innovation Summit at Stanford University.

IBM has begun participating in open-source Java project Harmony and intends to contribute code to the initiative, according to a Big Blue executive.

In the past week, IBM has dedicated an employee to working with the proposed
open-source project, which is being done at the Apache Software Foundation.

At this point, IBM’s participation is limited to thoughts on design, but the company likely will contribute code to the project.

Harmony(a opensource java project)was launched in May to create an open-source edition of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), the software needed to run Java programs on desktop PCs.

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IBM urges Sun to make Java open source .
Sun reluctant to make Java open source .
Apache eyes open-source Java project .
IBM buys open-source Java outfit Gluecode .

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