Sun JES Open Sourced

Finally… after a long wait and the market evaluations on changing trends and expectations from the developer community for open source versions , the Boss ie, Sun Microsystems Inc. has come up with its open-source offerings for core software products .

This is a very strategic move that could have long-term implications on the company’s image and make people accept and enhance Java and its products.
This was a well-thought out concept and the open source Solaris OS was a precursor to the present move of permitting its middleware, management and Java development tools free to use.
The Company’s release also points out no variation in pricing for corporate users, who will still have to pay for service and support for these products . Corporate users can use the company’s Java Enterprise System (JES) middleware stack for free, but they w ouldn ’t have free support or service.

Sun will make open-source JES, which includes
*Sun Java System Application Server 8.1.
*Sun Java System Access Manager 7.
*Sun Java System Directory Server 5.
* Sun Java SystemAdministration Server 5.
*Sun Java System Portal Server 6.2.
*Sun Java System Instant messaging 7.
And other proxy ,integration and communication suite. ..what else J

According to my knowledge and experience ,JES (Portal and Access manager ) functionalities are far behind than other competitors .Sun has not leveraged upon the most in-vogue Concept of the Collaborative Portal……and making JES open source will definitely be a value addition.

Moreover, open sourced product brings its own advantages as it evolves to maturity with everyone pooling in ideas ,suggesting changes and developing features,

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