JAX India 2007: Web2.0: What you should do?

Craig McClanahan talked on the Web2.0 at JAX India 2007.You can find more detilas about what he covered in Shishank’s post. Here’s a bit of elaboration of those 10 points what Craig suggested to make the web right :-
10 – Expose Data/Logic as services
* Content is more important than presentation.
* Use REST based Services when you “Can”
* Use SOAP based Services when you “must”
9 – Incorporate External Content
* No single application or database can contain everything
* Combine available content from multiple sources
8 – Seek QOS (Quality of Service) deals from Sources
* Authentication guarantee
* Performance provisioning
* API and format compatibility
7 – Give QOS Deals to users
* External consumer will also become dependent upon your content
6 – Adopt Agile Processes
* Continuous iterative improvement model
* Incremental release every 7-14 days
5 – Test Driven Development
* Reduce release testing
* Do aggressive unit /functional testing
4 – Architect for Scalability
* Separate view, logic and persistence
* Break into layers that can be independently scaled
* Add resource as needed for bottlenecks
3 – Embrace Heterogeneity
* Data and logic as “service” insulates layers both internally and externally
* Agile Technology benefits in for fast UI fixes
2 – Reach out to Mobile Clients
* UI for Mobile devices can share existing service
1 – Enable User Provided Content
* Participating in “mashups” counts
* User like to participate not just “view”

The suggestion that Craig has provided, gives a clear perspective on how Web2.0 should be incorporated gradually within your organizations portal, CMS or website.If you read the above points again I feel that some of them directly or indirectly take you to the SOA space where we re-architect our implementations so that our applications can be “loosely coupled” and “interoperable” when used as “services”.

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