Migrated To WordPress

Finally, today I got my blog migrated from Blogger to WordPress. Here is what I did –

1. Using WP Tools, I used Import from blogger utility which  imported all my posts, comments, and users from my Blogger blog. As I got my categories migrated, I manually created few tags and assigned them to each of my posts in WP.

2. I added few widgets and changed look and feel. Though I have to work more on this.

3. I updated my domain’s Name Servers with NS1.WORDPRESS.COM

4. Changed existing CNAME entry to contentprise.wordpress.com, that was originally pointing to ghs.google.com( for blogger). It took 10 hours to get reflected globally.

It was all about finding a right mini-CMS for my blog. In return,  look what I got the very first day-

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

Valid Site XHTML 1.1

There is a long way to go for all the SEO’s done for this blog. But more focus will be on portals and content management space.

A lot more is going to come in this space-Keep watching…

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